Please make sure that all information is entered correctly. Incorrect details invalidates the redemption.

By redeeming your Rewards Points to Mabuhay Miles, you'll be automatically enrolled in the RCBC Bankard AIRMILES program.

  1. The program is open to cardholders of the following RCBC Bankard credit cards:
    • RCBC Bankard Classic & Gold Mastercard and Flex Visa & Flex Gold Visa
    • RCBC Bankard Visa Infinite & Platinum
    • RCBC Bankard World & Platinum Mastercard including Hexagon Club & YGC Rewards Plus Mastercard
    • RCBC Bankard UnionPay
    • RCBC Bankard JCB Classic, Gold & Platinum
    • Co-Branded Cards: Phoenix & ZALORA Credit Card
  2. Promo period is from April 25 to June 5, 2022.
  3. Cardholder must be active and in good credit standing during the promo period in order to qualify.
  4. Cardholder must be a Mabuhay Miles member and have a valid Mabuhay Miles membership number.
  5. RCBC Bankard Rewards Points or AIRMILES redeemed/converted to Mabuhay Miles during the promo period shall be subject to a Bonus Miles multiplier and will be awarded by Philippine Airlines, Inc. (PAL) as indicated below:
    Redeemed Mabuhay Miles Multiplier
    2,500 Miles – 50,000 Miles 1.5x
    >50,000 Miles 2x


    • Cardholder should redeem/convert a minimum cumulative of at least 12,500 RCBC Bankard Rewards Points or Airmiles (2,500 RCBC Bankard Points = 500 Miles) to Mabuhay Miles within the promo period to qualify.
    • To redeem, cardholder must register and provide correct details at
  6. There is no cap on the maximum number of RCBC Bankard Rewards Points or AIRMILES that can be redeemed by the Cardholders.
  7. The earned RCBC Bankard Rewards Points or AIRMILES of the supplementary cardholder are pooled under the account of the principal cardholder.
  8. RCBC Bankard Rewards Points or AIRMILES are non-transferrable.
  9. Redemption/s with exception must be addressed by the cardholder within thirty (30) working days after the promo period to qualify for the multiplier. Otherwise, regular redemption shall apply.
  10. For AIRMILES enrolled cardholders, redemption will be processed within 7 banking days.
  11. For non-AIRMILES enrolled cardholders, if redemption is within the credit card’s cut-off, processing will be within 7 banking days. If redemption is past the cardholder’s credit card cut-off, redemption will be processed the following month’s cut-off. (e.g. Redemption Date: April 30, Processing Date: May 30)
  12. For non- AIRMILES enrolled cardholders, submission of redemption via the online registration ( will automatically enroll his/her account in the AIRMILES programs.
  13. Any conversion to Mabuhay Miles made under this promo shall be subject to Mabuhay Miles Terms and Conditions.
  14. All matters and disputes will be subject to the final decision of bank and its partner merchant in concurrence with the DTI, will be deemed final.
  15. The bank Credit Cards’ Rewards Program Terms & Conditions, the Terms & Conditions Governing Issuance, and Use of bank Credit Cards are incorporated herein by reference and made an integral part thereof.

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-141367, Series of 2022

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