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Terms and Conditions:

  1. All new-to-RCBC Credit Card Principal RCBC Visa Infinite Credit Cardholders with at least Php60,000 single or accumulated retail purchase within sixty (60) days from card delivery are qualified to get 100,000 Rewards Points (valued at Php15,000) as a Welcome Gift.
    Subject to the program mechanics, RCBC Wealth Management clients are qualified to get 110,000 Rewards Points (valued at Php16,500).
  2. Renewal, replacement re-issued (previously cancelled, then re-applied) and supplementary RCBC Visa Infinite Credit Cardholders are not qualified to get the Welcome Gift.
  3. Transactions made by the Supplementary cardholder will be qualified as part of the Primary cardholder’s spend.
  4. All posted retail and installment transactions in pesos and in other currencies are qualified for the promo including online transactions, mail & telephone orders and recurring payments or bills payment transactions.
  5. The following transactions are excluded from the offer: UnliPay, Cash Advance, Balance/Purchase Conversion, YourCash, Cash Loan, Balance Transfer, Money Transfer and Quasi-Cash, Casino/Gambling, Political organizations, Bail, Bond Payment, Wholesale & Distribution, Multi-level Marketing (e.g. 1BRO Global, USANA, Frontrow, UNO, Suy Sing, Doterra, Herbalife, Alliance, First Vita, Young Living). Transactions with the following Merchant Category Codes (“MCC”) are also not qualified:

    4829 Money Transfer - Merchant
    6050 Quasi Cash - Customer Financial Institution
    6051 Quasi Cash - Merchant
    6211Securities – Brokers/Dealers
    6532 Payment Transaction – Customer Financial Institution
    6533 Payment Transaction - Merchant
    6536 MoneySendIntracountry
    6537 MoneySend Intercountry
    6538 MoneySend Funding
    6540 POI Funding Transactions
    6760 U.S. Savings Bonds
    8651 Political Contributions/Organizations
    9211 Court Costs including Alimony and Child Support
    9222 Fines
    9223 Bail and Bond Payments
    9411 Gov. Loan Payments
    7995 Casino/Gambling
    9223 Bond or Bail Payment

    After required spend is met, the cardholder must redeem the Welcome Gift at Once validated, the Welcome Gift will be posted to the cardholder’s account within forty-five (45) days and cardholder will be notified via SMS and EDM within the period.

  6. RCBC Bankard Services Corporation (RBSC) shall have the final decision on the eligibility of the cardholder to avail of the Welcome Gift and reserves the right to disqualify transactions of cardholders from participating in the Welcome Rewards Points program for any of the following reasons:
    • The cardholder's RCBC Visa Infinite Credit Card is past due.
    • The retail purchase is disputed or deemed fraudulent.
  7. The Welcome Gift can only be received once and is not convertible to cash.
  8. The Welcome Gift offer will not run in conjunction with any ongoing Welcome Gift promotion.
  9. The use of the Welcome Rewards Points shall be subject to the General Terms and Conditions of Rewards Points.
  10. The cardholder agrees not to cancel his/her RCBC Visa Infinite within twenty-four (24) months from its issue date.
  11. By redeeming the Welcome Gift, the cardholder agrees to pay the full amount of the Annual Membership Fee. If the cardholder requests for card cancellation before the expiration of the 24 month period referred in the previous paragraph,or waiver of annual membership fee, the amount equivalent to the welcome gift shall be charged to the cardholder’s credit card account as cancellation fee. The cancellation fee must be paid in full before the RCBC Visa Infinite may be cancelled by RBSC.
  12. RBSC assumes no responsibility for and disclaims any liability with respect to the use of the Rewards Points to any participating merchant or donation to a charitable institution.
  13. RBSC reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of the Welcome Gift at any time upon prior notice to Cardholders.
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